“This is the most beautiful reed case I have ever seen! This was a Christmas gift from my wife, Nadia.

This case is made by David Kennedy at KenKaseMusic.com. Mr. Kennedy is a very skilled craftsmen who makes these reed cases (and guitar pick cases for our guitarist friends out there). Each case is unique. In my case the wood is Padauk and that yellow stripe on the top is actually a stone inlay. Mr. Kennedy even personalizes your reed case. For me, Nadia had him put in my initials “DJM”.

On the inside, the case features a slanted piece of glass to make sure your reeds stay nice and flat. This prevents warping. I hate it when reeds warp (which often makes them unplayable). The very artful latches keep the case securely closed to prevent your reeds from moving around.

Without a doubt this is the most beautiful reed case I have ever seen. Mr. Kennedy has matched the beauty of the case and the functionality perfectly. He also features many options and combinations. Woods like: Birds Eye Maple, Cherry Wood, Mahogany, Lacewood, Red Oak and many more are available. As well many different stones are available for inlays. “

Dominique Morier , www.facebook.com/domswoodwindrepairs

“I received the case last week and I am positively enamored with it! Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful but the craftsmanship and utility of it is already being proven. My reeds feel how I like them to feel and I know they will be preserved well by the case. Thanks again for another bullseye with this one.”

Ian O’Beirne, saxophonist

“I received the reed case on Tuesday, 1/15/08. The reed case is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The finish is outstanding. Your attention to detail is perfect. I really like the color of the felt that you chose. Even the clasps and hinges are classy looking. I purchased this for my 20 year old son as a Christmas present. On Christmas morning we told him about the reed case. He has visited your web site in order to get an idea of how it will look. He is anxiously awaiting his reed case as he is away at college. I am shipping his case today. He will be so surprised when he receives it. You truly are a master craftsman and an artist. Thank you so much.”

Art Fioravanti

“I was extremely pleased when my reed cases arrived. What incredible works of art! The wood that you chose for me is perfect. The craftmanship of the woodworking, finishing, and assembly are really beyond anything I have seen in a woodwind product. I can see that each lining has been selected to match the grain and finish of the wood. Thehardware (latches and hinges) is very sturdy and attractive. I’m sure that my reeds will be very secure in these cases. I must also mention that when I was at MGM/Sony studios performing on one of the Spiderman 3 sessions, I was pleased to show the cases around to the other woodwind players. They were all VERY impressed, and wanted business cards. I gave out all of the cards in my possession, and referred the others to your website. I’m sure that you will be hearing from some of them. Thanks very much for your superb work and attention to detail. I’ll be ordering more soon………”

Bill Liston, studio saxophonist and composer

“It’s obvious that an incredible amount of care and craftsmanship went into the design and construction of the case. The natural wood grain is really accentuated by the layers of gleaming, clear varnish and everything from the brass fittings to the velvet pad and glass surface makes an elegant and unique statement. My expectations were very high due to the examples on your website and your exceptional customer service in promptly replying to my emails, and yet the quality of my new reed case even exceeded those expectations!”

Michael Bartley

 have very few possessions that I cherish. I mean, if my office was on fire, and I had just one trip in, what would I save? My Bari and my Bass are what I would grab. But, if my reed case was sitting on my desk, I would grab it and slide it in my pocket. Yeah, my reed case….

I met Dave Kennedy of KenKase at the NAMM show in 2008 and I’m glad I did. I was having trouble keeping my reeds straight and looking for a good reed case. Anyone that Plays Bari or Bass sax, knows how hard it can be to find a reed case! Unless they know Dave. Dave makes reed cases, by hand, in his shop. He doesn’t just make them, he creates them to order from some really wild and outrageous woods. He crafts them, Dave is a craftsman.

Some of the wood that Dave uses, he rescued from old historic buildings and such. After I met Dave at the NAMM show, I ordered a reed case for my Bari. It was like ordering precious jewelery from a maker. Dave stayed in contact with me, telling me things like, “Hey Curt, I’m putting another coat of Poly on it…” I mean it was real treat to order that case.

About two years later I bought one for my good friend Ken as a gift and he loves it. I just now ordered and received two more cases, one for my Jazz Bari reeds and one for my Bass reeds. The box came in and it was like Christmas. You know, I don’t buy myself a lot of things… .These cases came in and they look great! The craftsmanship of these cases is excellent. They are substantial and heavy, they don’t seem to wear at all and have a nice flat glass plate to put reeds on. In addition to cases that fit all sizes of saxophone reeds, Dave makes cases for clarinet reeds, double reed instruments, as well as guitar pick cases. He offers custom lettering, contrasting wood inlays, semi-precious stone inlays, etc. You can get an idea of the type of work he does by going to his website.

When I take Dave’s case out at a gig the guys around me say…wow…what’cha got there? Everyone wants to touch and love my reed case but I don’t let them, they have to order their own. -and so do you.

Thanks for everything Dave!!

Review by Curt Altarac | Owner of MusicMedic.com Supplier of quality woodwind parts, supplies and tools. Instrument repair and overhauls.

MusicMedic.com Curt Altarac Review

“I highly recommend the Ken Kase Reed Case. Having a reed case that allows me to keep 10 reeds in rotation on a glass surface is very important. The fact that the case is really a work of art adds to the pleasure of its use. It is truly marvelous!”

Leo Potts, professional saxophonist

“The case Dave Kennedy made for me is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and having my initials on the case is a great touch. Of course, my reeds are happy too with their placement on flat glass, which helps to eliminate warping. Thanks again for a stylish, personalized, and functional reed case!”

Dr. Dave Camwell, www.davecamwell.com

“[My reed case] is a true work of art, and I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful item, which I will use as long as I play the clarinet!”

Chet Dissinger, Lakeland, FL

“I really appreciate the craftsmanship… You can sell as many of these as you can make!!!”

Saunders Jones, Jr.,M.D.

“I have just received the reed [case] and it looks awesome! I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of it. [I just] can’t stop looking at it – it is truly a piecee of art! Thanks very much. I’ll be ordering more soon!”

Edwin Sepulveda, saxophonist

“As fond as I am of my ability with the English language, words fail to describe the beauty and craftsmanship that have gone into these cases. Wow!!!! Many, many, thanks.”

Mark Kieme, President, Local 625, AF of M, Adjunct Faculty, Oakland University