Thank you for visiting our site.

Due to health reasons, Dave is no longer making reed cases. We appreciate all of your love and support of our cases over the last several years.

Dave Kennedy – Case Creator

First, I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting my site and checking out the products we craft here at KenKase. My name is Dave Kennedy and I am the owner of the company. I am the Gepetto of the operation, always working away in my shop. My daughter Shannon is my partner and she contributes greatly to our endeavor. She created and maintains the entire website for me. More importantly, she contributes many of the artistic ideas related to the design of the products you see here.

When you are in a business like ours, where almost everything is custom, it is difficult to convey what the business is about with just a few words or pictures. As a result, I am trying hard to include more information and a lot of photos to help give people an idea of all the options that are available when you are deciding exactly how you want your case to look when it’s done. Almost every photo you see here are those of cases that were designed and sold previously. Sometimes people know exactly what they are looking for, while others need to walk through the process and ask for input before they make a final design decision. I would estimate that well over 75% of first time customers contact me via email with design questions prior to placing an order. I love to offer any assistance and advice I can to help make sure that every customer gets exactly what they want. After all, with reasonable care, your purchase should last a lifetime.

Please keep in mind, my products are not mass produced or built on an assembly line. Every single product is handmade from absolute scratch by me personally. Only 10 fingers (yes, technically 8 fingers and two thumbs) touch your creation during the whole building process, and they are all mine. Each case takes 4-5 weeks to build, being cut, glued, sanded, sealed, inlayed, lettered and clear-coated… with a lot more sanding in between. I thoroughly love what I do. The only sad part is when I box up a finished case for shipment, it’s almost like selling that puppy you spent weeks raising since birth.

Anyway enough babbling, please enjoy your visit here and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Yours In Music,